How to add ai to your website without coding

How to add AI to Your Website Without Coding

Spice Up Your Website with AI.

Wanna add some AI magic to your website and create awesome experiences for your visitors? Good news, you can do that with technology like ChatGPT, and you don’t even need to be a developer or AI expert!

Imagine being able to chat with a blog post, company site, or media publication instead of just scrolling through the content.

For instance, wouldn’t it be great to have a news article that answers your questions and provides insights through a chatbot that knows the story inside out?

AI Chatbot on your website

Well, that’s what an AI chatbot on your webpage can do, right there in that familiar chat widget you’ve seen on numerous sites.

In this example you see a demo chatbot for a news article, and guess what? It’s super helpful.

It can even bring in external information to answer questions that aren’t addressed in the article.

Like, if you need more context about a political event, the AI-driven chatbot suggests related articles or provides background info.

Background info: popular generative AI like GPT4 and ChatGPT use a “base” large language model with knowledge from the internet, books, and Wikipedia.

Although they can sometimes be wrong, they can be fine-tuned with “domain-specific” knowledge from your page for better answers. If a user asks something outside the content, the chatbot falls back on the base model’s knowledge, which is super useful for off-script stuff.

Got other content (like opinion pieces or editorials)? The chatbot will refer to that, creating endless engagement opportunities. Adding AI & chat to your site turns static content into a convo with a pro. As AI models improve, this will only become a bigger engagement channel.

Remember how content sites used comment sections to keep visitors engaged? You get the same effect, but personalized, with a chatbot.

The lesson from the 90’s internet boom and 2000’s social media era is clear: early adopters get organic traffic, while latecomers pay for ads to catch up. AI models, like ChatGPT, are starting to drive traffic, and AI-model optimization will be the next big thing. To capitalize on this trend, make your content AI-friendly ASAP.

Think adding AI to your website is tough? Nah, our examples took less than a day to build. And as AI models get smarter, updating your chatbot takes just one line of code.

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Companies like Reflection AI, ChatBase, and ChatShape are also making AI chatbots more accessible.

If you’re a developer who wants to DIY, OpenAI has an excellent tutorial.

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