How to do SEO Site Optimization using Artificial Intelligence

AI gives a tone of new opportunities when it comes to using ai for business.

When you are using a trained AI , this AI can help you in actionable optimisation steps for your business.

In this example we are using AI to optimize our website.

You can pay an agency to check your site and adjust all the suggested items on the list that they will give you. OR …..

You login to (the trained AI Platform) where you can ask John the SEO Specialist for help.

Step 1 Do a SEO website Audit

Before you can start fixing any SEO issues on your site you need to know exactly what the current SEO Status of your site is.

So let’s start with the SEO Audit of your website.

How to do a FREE SEO Website Audit

Normally there are companies that will charge you for an SEO audit and sites that require payment before giving you the SEO analysis.

That’s why we use the FREE website SEO Audit of

  • Enter your website url and Click the “Tru It For FREE” Button

Step 2: Download Your Website SEO Report

After downloading the free SEO Website Analysis report we can start using AI to improve Your website SEO to instantly get better rankings. (like the image below where we increased to score to 63 simply by using AI for SEO)

Step 3 Use AI Chat To Increase SEO Ranking

Now the real AI SEO fun starts and this is quite unique. offers Roll based AI Chat bots that can act like an SEO Expert like we use in this example.

John Doe is the SEO Chatbot that helped me double the seo ranking of the website just by asking him how to improve and fix all the issues on the Website SEO Audit report.

Sure you still have to fix the issues but you don’t have to google for the best site with the solution to your first SEO issue. SEO AI Chatbot just gives you the step by step solution that fixes your SEO Problem.


SEO Role Based AI

Let me explain a little more before we start asking John for help.
John is the name of the AI Chatbot that we have developed to help site owners with the optimization of their site , content and business.

John is different than the normal chat gpt bots because we have trained John and put the AI into a Role based AI , that we have trained to know all the ins and outs from the current SEO Strategies.

How to use Role Based AI Bots

You can start using Role based AI Bots on the platform.

so lets get started and see what John has to say about our site.

step 1:

go to and signup for the free trial .
Make sure to use a real email address and confirm this after signing up (otherwise you cannot use the ai features.)

Step 2:

Select the AI Bot to chat with

You can select John to get the SEO Specialist chatbot .

After selecting the right chat bot you can start communicating with him after he has introduced himself.

But be aware!! The output of AI is just as good as the questions you ask .

What is a prompt

The question that you ask the AI is called a prompt.
So the better the question is the better the aswer is that you will get.

Prompt Engineering skills.

Getting to the best prompts to use is called prompt engineering.

Get the complete FREE prompt engineering course here to improve your prompt skills.

At first you will get an overview of actions that you can perform and by getting into the specifics and asking the right questions ai will help you in any seo action that you want to perform on your site.

Use Ai To Solve Problems

As an entrepreneur or business owner we run into a lot of problems that we need to solve to get to the next problem that we need to solve. But hey thats what we love to do.
However sometimes we get stuck on solving an issue and we spend hours googling for the answer, the right answer.

You know the feeling when you get sucked into the rabbit hole with all the shiney objects.
No? so you never spend time starting to solve an issue just to end up on something totally different , just because you needed to open 23 sites to try and find the solution.

That will stop with ai.

How is AI different than just searching google for the answer.

great question and like i said , google is time consuming and will not always give you the best solution.
The same goes for asking ai for a solution . Not always will ai be helpfull but that only is to blame on asking the wrong question or not training the ai model accordingly.

So lets say I don’t have a sitemap on my site and don’t know how to create a sitemap .
We can just simply ask john what to do.

You now have a detailed step by step plan on how to create a sitemap.
It even shows you paid and free options to solve your problem.
And again , if something is not clear you can always ask more questions to clarify the steps you need to take.

checkout how can help you tackle your business roadblocks and be more productive then ever before using AI.

Automatically improve Site SEO and Rankings

There is an alternative that does everything for you.
It’s an ai website builder that not only generates the theme, all the images you need for the site. You guessed it all the images are ai generated.

The SEO Optimisation is handled by ai and also the content creation can be done with the help of AI.
Curious already? Check out the complete ai website Builder review here

AI Website Builder

10 Web AI Website builder lets you create your entire SEO optimized site in 60 Seconds.
You will also have a 99% to 100% site speed.
It generates images, pages, forms, Copy and the entire works with AI for you.

How to make money with AI Website bulders or AI Website Generators

There are a ton of ways to make money from this AI website builder – 10web
We will show you a few options to generate a nice monthly recurring income using the 10web ai website builder.

Creating content

First lets signup for a free account and create your first site and here comes the magic sauce.
Record how you setup your first site.
Just record the entire process , with or without commentary but you need to records this to use the video for promo purposes.

Offer your website building skills as a gig on

That’s right sell your skill for a cheap price or even for almost free.

Wait, what?? But how do i make money? If I offer to create 10Web Websites?

I know it sound funny but you will make a commission when the people signup for the 10web service. You will receive a monthly commission so you get paid every month for every site that you build through your fiver gig.

signup for free for the ai website builder 10webai
signup for free for the ai website builder

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