Our A.I. Platform for Entrepreneurs

Boost sales through AI

We have developed the Rub3n.io platform to help Entrepreneurs / business owners grow their business with the power of AI.

Chat GPT Platform

Our Role Based Chat bots can guide you in any business discision that you face.

Speech to Text

Need to transcribe videos to text for your blog. Just upload the mp4 file and rub3n.io will generate a complete office document with the transciption

Meet Rub3n.io

We have created the AI platform Rub3n.io for entrepreneurs .
First I created it just to help me write content, build out strategies, create online courses, write video scripts and more.
Kinda all the things that i needed help with myself.

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Role Based Chat bots

one of our chatbots is John, he is a trained roll based chatbot that has all the SEO knowledge that you need to improve your site ranking an with that boost your revenue.

Build Email Sequences

Creaate welcome or onboarding sequences for new customers.
Abandonned cart sequences to recover that missing revenue.
And much more. Just try it out.

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Generate Articles

Use ai to generate an entire content plan for the entire your.
Brainstorm with the chat bot for ideas and generate the actual content with the help of AI

Better Facebook Ads

Make better ads with the help of ai.
Stop staring at the blank screen where the adcopy should be and just use ai to write the ads for you.
In 2 simple steps.

Write Professional sales Copy

Write according the best performing sales copy strategies with our trained ai bots.
Great for storytelling with writersblock 🙂

Optimize your social reach

Write posts, videoscripts, hashtags, descriptions, intro’s , Bio’s and much more that will help you grow your social channels and convert customers


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QuickStart Guide to Implementing ChatGPT

Download the complete QuickStart Guide to Implementing ChatGPT in Your Business

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